How to Check Your Aadhar Card is Being Used Fraudulently or Not

Aadhar card is nothing but a unique 12-digit number generated by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UDAI) to hold a person being a resident of India. Indians can obtain aadhar card by providing demographic and biometric identity.

With Modi’s vision towards the digitalization of India, the majority of things have been changed by linking aadhar card. Applying for an aadhar card is really become easy and this identity has combined many benefits within a random 12-digit unique number. Even after holding own aadhar card, people often don’t know about its benefits. Let’s have a quick overview of the benefits of aadhar card.

Benefits of Aadhar Card

  1. Indian government’s most beneficial LPG subsidy can be obtained using this identity card.
  2. Prepaid and postpaid connections are now available only with the help of aadhar card.
  3. It is a valid proof of identity for any international documentation and stock exchange.
  4. Getting a driving license is only possible with the help of aadhar number.’
  5. Digi locker for storing important personal documents needs this 12-digits to get it functional.
  6. Opening bank accounts are now possible using only aadhar numbers.
  7. It must be connected with PAN which has come into order to get black money elimination.
  8. You can book up to 12 train tickets over IRCTC using this identity card.
  9. Digital life identity is now possible utilizing aadhar number.
  10. Pensions are now only available with this unique identification number.

With such numerous usages of aadhar card, there is a chance that someone is using your aadhar number without letting you aware. And, this may lead you into legal problems as well. Every other unofficial source needing aadhar card for having services you want are vulnerable.

The best thing is UDAI has made a great user interface to check where you have used your aadhar card. Yes, this is really easy and you don’t need to wonder anywhere to check this status. Just follow these step by step guide to authenticate your aadhar card usage

How to Get Aadhar Card Usage History

Using this guide, you will be easily able to know where you have provided your aadhar card. Just follow this stepwise guide and check your authentication history.

Step 1: Go to aadhar card auth portal from here.

Step 2: Now fill your aadhar card number and security text as provided in image.

Step 3: Tap on Send OTP button.

Step 4: Fill your duration of tracking authentication and result number on the next page.

Step 5: Enter OTP code that you will have received on your registered number.

Step 6: Use Verify OTP button in the end.

You will get your aadhar usage history for the timeframe you had selected earlier. Check each entry to authenticate your aadhar card usage.

Well, aadhar card linking is necessary with a bank account as well. So, if you haven’t done yet and having multiple bank account, you can easily check which account has aadhar missing. On the other hand, if another person is using your aadhar for bank account, you will get a clear picture here.

How to Check Aadhar Card Linkage With Bank Account

Step 1: Go to UDAI’s bank mapping portal from here.

Step 2: As usual, just fill that 12-digit number and security code from the image and hit Send OTP button.

Step 3: Enter OTP you have received on your mobile number and click on Submit button.


That’s it. You will get banks associated with your aadhar number and date of linking. If you find any account without your knowledge, it is recommended to visit the respective branch’s bank and inquire about that bank account to terminate the same.



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